Is Homework Outdated in Today’s Educational System?

Gone are the days when school children across America had to trudge through several inches of snow to make their way to one-room school-houses.  Likewise, fallen by the wayside is the use of the three R’s as the primary curriculum for this nation’s schools.  A rap across the hand with a ruler is no longer used as a method of classroom discipline. Many of the traditions and standards of education have become antiquated and outdated. Perhaps the next casualty of societal change should be the widespread use of homework as a learning tool for today’s children.

Education and society as a whole have grown increasingly more complex. Society bears little resemblance to what it was just a few short years ago. Children today face an entirely different school day than that of their parents and grandparents and the children of decades ago. National and state standards require a much more rigorous program of study for today’s student. As a result, the curriculum is greatly expanded with many concepts being introduced at a much earlier grade level. In order to accommodate the expanded curriculum and mandated standards of accountability there has been a major decrease in the

What Misconceptions do Students Planning to Study in USA have

Between rising educational cost expenses and the endless stream of horrible scholarships stories about understudy obligation and graduate battles, the thought of studying in USA can be frightening. Numerous understudies are dependent on money related help to survive school, yet understudy advances frequently bring a substantial budgetary weight. This is the place grants can offer assistance. Scholarships in USA are genuinely inexhaustible, yet it is up to understudies to discover the grant opportunities that are a good fit for them. In any case, numerous understudies don’t even attempt.

In the wake of looking into the information, it can be inferred that numerous understudies have confused perspectives with regards to looking for grants. Probably the most widely recognized misguided judgments are investigated beneath.

1. “I am not fit the bill for a grant”

Understudies regularly trust they are not qualified to get help, making them pass up a great opportunity for potential grant opportunities. Actually, there are numerous grants accessible, and not all grants are legitimacy construct or ward with respect to first class levels. On the other hand, colleges don’t generally make grant opportunities simple to discover, so understudies are frequently unconscious of honors which they may be

Top 10 Tips For Revision

Exams and tests can be a stressful time for most students, but follow these fantastic stress-free tips for revising… and you might find yourself at the top of the brainy class!

  1. Study in a quiet place away from the TV and computers etc that is both light and comfortable.

Revision Books

  1. Make a ‘revision timetable’ and always let your family know when you are revising.
  2. Create summary notes and anything simple that helps your memory – as short notes, drawings and sayings are much easier to remember.
  3. Get help. Ask friends and family to test you. Also attend any teacher revision classes – as teachers will know better than anyone what will be in tests and exams!
  4. Record yourself reading notes and occasionally listen to them instead of reading.
  5. Take a 5 or 10 minute break every hour and do some stretching exercises, go for a short walk or make yourself a drink.
  6. Allow yourself some fun-time each day to relax…and make sure you get a good 8 hours of sleep each night.
  7. Eat well. Good brain foods? Wholegrain foods (cereals, wheat bran, wheatgerm and whole wheat pasta). Blueberries. Blackcurrants. Broccoli. Tomatoes. Oily fish. Nuts.
  8. Don’t panic if you feel a bit nervy. A

Private Schooling and the Extravagant Nation of Pakistan

Proliferation of private schools in Pakistan has harmed the state owned schools alarmingly. Education in public schools has extinct and they have turned into ghost schools. The route cause is not the administration or teachers but the mindset of public that ‘a paid item is always high in quality’, has been developed for last two decades.

If parents are alive, make a living and are not oblivious of children’s future, it is considered their parental obligation to send their children to any but at least private school. ‘any’ denotes the quality of not necessarily being qualitative but quantitative in terms of fees structure. This attitude is same as customers’ attitude towards products which have high price tags are believed to be qualitative.

After denationalization in 1990s the rapid increase of 69% in the number of private schools in 1999-2008. The private sector was catering to the educational needs of about 6 million and then 12 million children in 2000 and 2007-08 respectively, the number of teachers also doubled. But it did not keep pace with Pakistan’s literacy rate 43.9 percent in 1998, 57 percent in 2009, 58 percent in 2012, and according to UNESCO it is still 55 percent in 2015 for

Comprehension Strategies and Routines Based on Research Knowledge

This article explores four evidence-based comprehension reading strategies and one comprehension routine relevant to improving reading comprehension for struggling readers. The four research based comprehension routines discussed will be as follows: visual representation-mental imagery, summarization, and strategies used by good readers.  The comprehension routine will discuss inferring and/or drawing conclusions.  All of these research-based strategies and comprehension routines are important to the effectiveness of teaching reading and being a child in a classroom.

“ There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.  When it comes to comprehension, this saying might be paraphrased, “a visual display helps readers understand, organize, and remember some of those thousand words.”  (as cited in Duke and Pearson, 2002, p. 218).  Visual representation and mental imagery are very important to the reader.  When children see an image, it helps put things in a different perspective in reference to what is occurring in the story. The right comprehension strategy can mean the start or the end to a wondrous relationship with reading.

Children of all ages, grade levels, and those with disabilities can use mental imagery to digest what has been read as it provides them with a mental picture in their head.  Early

Helping Children Become Writers

Toni Bickart, author of WHAT EVERY PARENTS NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT  FIRST, SECOND,  AND THIRD GRADES  observed:  “The process of learning how to write begins at a very early age.  Young children, using crayons or markers, write with great enthusiasm and eagerness.  Toddlers and preschoolers think that all they have to do is pick up a pen and scrawl little lines and dots.

Gradually, they realize that writing is speech in the form of symbols on paper, so they talk and scribble away and expect you to read this scribble.  As their fine motor skills develop, children draw pictures and dictate words to accompany the pictures.  Sometimes they try to write words.  They may start with words they remember seeing somewhere, or they may attempt to write the sounds they hear when they say the words aloud.  For example, a child might write “d” or DG” for “DOG.”  From these modest but enthusiastic beginnings, writers emerge.”

The following advice will help your child develop strong writing skills:

First, encourage writing at home.  Bernard Ryan, author of HELPING YOUR CHILD START  SCHOOL  concluded:  “Children get a big kick out of writing their own stories and poems, even jokes and riddles.  Encourage your child to write

Descriptive versus Prescriptive: another left-wing scam

The Left always wants to make the rules. Naturally they devised a sophistry to prevent others from making any rules at all.

Descriptive versus Prescriptive: another left-wing scam


Everywhere we look, we’ve got pompous professors telling us they don’t dare prescribe what’s right in language. No, no, no, no. It’s not their role. Nor yours either. People can express themselves as they wish. It’s America, the 21st century. God forbid we should tell anybody how to do anything.

“Weird Al” Yankovic put out a popular video called “Word Crimes.” It’s gotten almost 27,000,000 views. In effect, he says: “Hey, moron, do it the right way.” He got everybody talking about correct grammar. Boy, we needed that. Thanks, Weird Al.

Naturally, all the primly pontificating nuisances crawled out of the woodwork to tell us: Hey, stop all that prescribing! You can only describe.

And why?? Because when anthropologists go in the jungle to study a primitive culture, they must remember that the natives are the experts on their own language. Great. That’s fine and dandy. But that has nothing to do with how we should deal with our own language. How’s that, you want to know. You ask the relevant experts (teachers, novelists, journalists), average the

Significance of identifying different types of learners

There are three different types of learners – visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual learners have a photographic memory. They create a mental picture of everything they learn. Auditory learners are active listeners.  They learn best by listening and can memorize and recall things easily. Kinesthetic learners learn by doing. They want to be active all the time.

My experience of assessing the different types of learners in my classroom has indeed been an interesting one. I feel that it is very easy to classify some learners whereas it is extremely difficult to classify the others. The visual learners stare at me all the time while I am teaching. They draw flowcharts and maps in their notebooks. They enjoy watching PowerPoint presentations and short videos.

The auditory learners listen to me very carefully. They are disturbed by sounds in the corridor, the playground etc. They enjoy participating in group discussions. They could memorize things very easily.

The kinesthetic learners are hyper active. They don’t like sitting at one place for more than five minutes. Unless they are allowed to express themselves in some way in the class, they become very restless. Some of them even start day dreaming. They like learning through games and

Effective Teaching

A student spends most of her productive waking hours in school. Thus, teachers play a pivotal role in her life. It is very important for a teacher to assess the needs of her students. A comfortable and congenial environment is very important for effective teaching and learning.

Students will feel motivated to learn only if they understand the significance of what they are learning. A teacher knows that all the knowledge imparted in school, according to the prescribed syllabus, may not directly fulfill the needs of each of her students. However, through her teaching, she can create the need, the urge to learn by connecting the theoretical with the practical i.e. interlinking the knowledge that she wants to impart with the day-to-day relevance of such knowledge.

It is very important for a teacher to plan her lessons in advance. However, sticking to the plan to the core is not advisable. There should be enough scope in her lesson plan to incorporate changes that make teaching and learning more effective. A teacher, who is prepared, is confident. She comes across as someone who is sure of what she is doing and this creates a degree of trust between the students and the teacher.


Importance Of Test And Examination At College Level

Examinations play a crucial role at the entry or exit level of college life. Many may feel it is prudent to skip it but the fact remains that it is a bad idea. Some of the top notch colleges are saying goodbye to final exams. As far as educational theory goes the concept of exams are supposed to benefit the students hugely. It offers the last opportunity of going through the study materials and filling in any gap present in understanding the concept. Forming the big picture after gleaning information from the courses over the year becomes easier and helps in learning the knowledge more thoroughly.

Regular and consistent preparation

Since exams are not to be taken lightly, students put in their best so that maximum retention takes place and the knowledge gained can be utilized in future in work or business. The constant pressure of exams is something that drives you to stay ahead of the class and prepare for the semesters in advance. It acts as a motivation for most and efforts are made to memorize the lessons all through the semester. Many serious pupils detest last minute cramming which serves no real purpose. It neither improves memory nor cognitive

Cool School Tools

Back-to-school time means stocking up on pencils, glue sticks and other traditional supplies that generations of kids have stowed away in desks, cubbies and lockers. In elementary and middle schools, teachers usually provide lists of specific items to pick up; and even in high school, many instructors require certain types of notebook paper, pens and the like.

In addition to the classic supplies — crayons, notebooks, rulers — that continually make these back-to-school lists, there are also a number of other ones to keep in mind. Today’s student has an arsenal of utensils and gizmos to help him or her manage workloads and enhance the learning experience. Whether it’s a fresh spin on a classic or a newfangled gadget, these five cool school tools make the grade to get your son or daughter studying in style

Even pre-K students can get a head start on their computing know-how with learning laptops. For less than $50, these laptoplike gadgets can reinforce the basic skills being taught in the classroom with fun, educational games and activities. In their brief history, learning laptops now come in handheld sizes with more sophisticated graphics and an extensive range of software that covers subjects including reading, math, foreign

Families face special educational needs help postcode lottery

Families of children with special educational needs are facing a postcode lottery to get extra help at schools, BBC 5 live Investigates suggests.

Figures from 125 councils in England and Wales obtained by a Freedom of Information request found a huge range in responses to assessment requests.

On average half of all requests by parents to get help are turned down.

The Local Government Association says standards are clearly set to try to meet the needs of each child.

Around one in five children in England and Wales has special educational needs (SEN) and is eligible for extra help at school.

The first step to getting help, over and above what can normally be provided in mainstream schools, is to request an assessment from the local education authority.

Refused help

A Freedom of Information Request relating to applications for an initial assessment found when parents asked for an assessment they were on average more than twice as likely to be turned down as a school or professional making the request.

BBC 5 live Investigates contacted local education authorities in England and Wales and of the 125 which responded with figures from 2013/2014 – the last full academic year – the refusal rate for schools or professionals was 22%,

A caring and comforting school

My wife died when my daughter was just four. She took it very hard and became a very quiet and sullen child. Her teachers advised me to take her for counseling but even that didn’t seem to help. After three years, I moved to Bangalore to be closer to family. Even being closer to family didn’t help her come out of the shell she seemed to have gone into. After visiting many schools, I decided to enroll her in Candor International School.  Though the school was very big almost 20 acres the school was new and just had 200 students. So I thought the small number of students would make her feel less intimidated.

At first there wasn’t much difference. She was still quiet but slowly I found her starting to talk more, draw, paint and make and play with friends in the new apartment complex. I was extremely curious and wanted to know what had changed. So one weekend I went across to meet her class teacher. Her teacher had also noticed the difference and said that my daughter had befriended another student who also experienced a loss of a parent recently. Both the girls bonded immediately. That student somehow

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Diploma level degree

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BA Oriented Bachelor of Business Administration and Management

Business Administration and Management is normally studied after 10+2 followed by graduation. Such courses normally lead to post graduate degree namely MBA. With popularity and demand for MBA Programmes, some enterprising educational institutions and universities have come up with an idea of offering Business Administration oriented courses at undergraduate level. An offshoot of such programmes is BA oriented Bachelor of Business Administration. After completion of the course, it leads to a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. It is usually a three year course. The students attend regular college to complete the course.


The student must have completed 10+2 or a certificate of higher secondary school certificate. Some universities and colleges conduct their own entrance examination to screen the students. Few colleges and universities consider the percentage of the marks secured by the student at +2 level for offering admission. There is a good response to the course and students with good percentage are securing admission in these colleges and universities.

The course is designed in a way that the student learns different functional areas and tries to develop expertise needed for the smooth functioning of the company. The course content helps to hone the student’s communication sklils, managerial and decision making sklils.

Virtual Education for All

So what is online homeschooling high school? Online high school programs are an alternative to traditional high school programs, in that all of the classes are done online versus physically going to a brick and mortar high school for seven to eight hours a day. This virtual high school allows students to obtain a traditional diploma just as they would from attending classes in person. This is not an equivalency diploma or GED and it allows anyone to complete high school classes. This is a flexible program that allows anyone, teen or adult, to finish his or her education online.

Online schooling allows the freedom to work at your own pace, whether faster or slower and the ability to work when it suits you so that you can attend to personal matters without missing class. It’s a customized program that allows you to play to your strengths, take subjects that may not be available otherwise, and graduate with an advanced diploma and college credits from dual enrollment classes, which are actual college classes that can be completed earning both high school and college credit.

These programs allow students a chance to graduate ahead of schedule. The course schedules can be individualized to

Trojan Horse school had morality squad

A Trojan Horse school had a ‘morality squad’ which saw prefects spy on other pupils and inform teachers if they were in relationships, a tribunal has heard.

Muslim girls were also told women who refused to have sex with their husbands would be “smited” and go to hell.

Separately, boys were deliberately not taught about how to put on condoms and sex education was only taught in the context of marriage.

A whistleblower who taught at Park View Academy in Alum Rock, Birmingham, also claimed pro-Islam messages were read out over a tannoy system in the playground.

Leaflets preaching Islam ideology were also widely distributed to each classroom.

The revelations were made at a disciplinary hearing at the National College for Teaching and Leadership in Coventry.

Teachers Akheel Ahmed, 41, and Inamulhaq Anwar, 34, are both accused of trying to force extreme Muslim teaching onto the school’s agenda.

The panel heard they belonged to the ‘Park View Brotherhood’ which was part of a wider Trojan Horse plot to takeover schools by hardline Muslim groups.

They face allegations of unacceptable professional misconduct, which brought the teaching profession into disrepute.

They are said to have agreed with others, on or before March 31 last year, to the inclusion of an undue

Primary school league tables how to read the results

Each year, primary school performance tables provide a point of debate among both education professionals and the general public.

Are the results a fair indication of how well a school is doing? Do the tables place undue pressure on schools to get good results at the expense of creativity? And is there a more relevant way of presenting a school’s performance outside of the measures currently used?

Today, when the Department for Education (DfE) publishes the results more than 16,000 state primaries across the country, it is likely that this debate will continue.

So, what do the tables show?
The primary school performance tables show the number of Year 6 pupils taking SATs tests at each school, the average point score of each school and the percentage of pupils getting a Level 4 – the average for the age group – and Level 5 – above average – in reading, writing and maths.

Early indications suggest that the number of schools failing to meet government targets could be slightly up on last year, when there were 767 schools judged to be underperforming.

Does looking at last year’s results provide a realistic comparison?
The first thing to bear in mind is that, this year,

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